Asif Habib– A Successful Business Tycoon

With more than 30 years of rich experience playing several significant roles successfully, Asif Habib is a renowned name in the world of business and entrepreneurship. With his exceptionally strategic skills and unique innovative ideas, he is known to bring many distressed business and turnaround cases to life. Serving for more than three decades as a serial entrepreneur, he holds a highly valued position as a board member to several high-profile projects and organizations.

Asif Habib has some special and unique qualities that set him apart from most of his counterparts. He has a sharp vision to see things even before they are coming and has exceptional managing skills to deal with some of the most adverse situations that businessmen face in their dealings with different business projects. Such unusual and excellent qualities have helped him bring about and develop many important business strategies and policies that were instrumental in bringing outstanding developments in many business departments. Lending his proficiency in several high-ranking projects of Europe, UAE, and Canada, he has set a noteworthy example and is definitely a source of inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs.

This exemplary leader holds a prestigious position as a board member in several high-profile international companies and owns principal shares of many projects associated with these international companies. He is associated with high-profile companies like Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co. (a USD 110 Million company) which do significant investments for the development of many real estate projects in Oman. He is also a significant investor for Horizon Islands Ltd, worth of USD 5 Million and Mini Monsters in which he along with his expert team successfully accomplished business goals by the implementation of strong business concepts and smart strategy.

Asif Habib is also famed as the operator of Madisons – Al Ghazal Golf Club, which is responsible for managing the oldest golf club of UAE. He is also the proud owner of a 20,000 land in a prime area located in RAK, UAE. There are also many upcoming projects currently in progress that are aimed at the development of vehicle exploration and commercial building developments estimated at USD 18 Million. He is a major shareholder and CEO of the business project “Ireland in the Sun”, which is working to develop world-class boutique resort hotels on the world Islands in Dubai. The project is currently awaiting clearance on infrastructure development and connectivity from UAE Government. With improved conditions, it is expected to receive positive outcomes from the development.

As a board advisor to the upcoming projects like CNRCI Ltd & Neuroceutics, he provides his genuine support to Dr. Andree Roberge towards commercialization of blood sample analysis technology that can help diagnose 1200 pathologies with Nano technology level. This project is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017, and is worth USD 1.2 Million. Discussions about setting up the headquarter are underway, whereas distribution agreements have been signed with several locations in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Iran, and India.