Asif Habib– A Successful Entrepreneur and Leader

Asif Habib is an exemplary entrepreneur and a visionary leader who has completed more than 30 years of successful journey in the field of businesses associated with operating, building, buying and a great number of other important dealings.

Asif Habib is the most sought after personality who is highly recommended for his strategic and visionary policies of work. These two qualities are the most crucial elements required to solve the extremely complicated tasks in businesses related to retail, real estate, and other turnaround business cases. Apart from the businesses related to retailing, brand development and real estate dealings, Asif Habib is gifted with exceptional talent and capacity to bring extraordinary results in the field of crucial business cases by lending his expertise in several high-profile projects located in Europe, Canada, and UAE.

Asif Habib is also known to serve as a board member in several businesses offering his strategic and valuable operational experiences. Following are some of the most important companies with which Asif Habib works as a shareholder and serves as a board member.

1) Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co. – This is a fully subscribed investment fund that has been built for significant investment in Real Estate Development in Oman. The fund has a significant amount of USD 110 Million as paid up capital.

2) Horizon Islands Ltd. – This project is related to real estate development that covers several industries related to commercial, industrial, hospitality, retail, mix use, residential, etc. Many of the noteworthy projects that are currently under progress are development of Maktabi Al Khuwair – Business centers, Grand Millennium Muscat, Maktabi Al Watiyah – commercial real estate, and Al Khuwair Building located in the heart of Oman. At the beginning of subscription, the project of Horizon Islands Ltd made a significant investment of USD 5 Million and Asif Habib is a shareholder of this important project.

3) Mini monsters – A principal shareholder of this project, Asif Habib along with his team has worked to provide visionary ideas to develop the business concept of this project which works to develop cafeterias, party rooms, and soft kids play area, all under the same roof. Due to the smart business concepts provide by Mr. Asif Habib, this business has developed a brand identity and has come up with several franchise models that are said to develop tremendously over the next few years.

4) Madisons – Al Ghazal Golf Club – This project handles the Al Ghazal Golf Club of UAE, one of the oldest golf clubs owned by Government of Abu Dhabi. With the exceptional business strategies of Asif Habib, many important initiatives were brought to success and are known to revive the commercial presence of this business within a very short span transforming it into a profitable venture.

5) AA Investments – Valued at USD 18 Million, Asif Habib is a significant shareholder of this project that works on developing commercial office premises.

His other significant projects include Ireland in the Sun Ltd and CNRCI Ltd & Neuroceutics.