Asif Habib: A Tycoon In The Business World

Asif Habib is a renowned businessman and has more than 30 years of experience in operating businesses. He has proficiency in brand development and real estate. He has provided his technical prowess and strategies in many projects in Europe, Canada and UAE.

He is a share holder and board member of Horizon Islands Ltd, Madisons Capital Partners. This company was set up for managing Al Ghazal Golf Club. This is one of the oldest clubs and a government-owned property in UAE. Asif Habib took initiatives to gain back the business of this club and as a result it changed into a lucrative property. He helped to increase the revenue of this club by 90%.

He is the share holder of the Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co and Mini Monsters Company. Maktabi Al Watiyah – commercial and real estate, Grand Millennium, Muscat, etc. are some of the noteworthy projects of this company. He is also known to be the board member of a prime destination for the game of football in Abu Dhabi, known as Power Play but exited this business after a period of 5 years.

Apart from these projects he is the owner of considerable shares of Mini Monsters, which brings together play area, café and party rooms. Asif Habib is the shareholder and CEO of the exclusive boutique hotel in Dubai, known as Ireland in the Sun.


Asif Habib– An Exemplary Business Magnate

A legendary figure in the business world, Asif Habib has set fine examples and created quite a revolution through his incredible contribution towards highly competitive business and entrepreneurial activities. A great entrepreneur and businessman, Asif Habib has achieved commendable expertise and rich, valuable experience through his long and productive career of more than three decades.

Asif Habib mainly deals with brand development, real estate development, retailing business and turnaround cases and has offered his valuable expertise and visionary ideas in several high-flying projects located in Europe, Canada and UAE. He also serves as a prestigious board member and is a major shareholder of several high-ranking multi-million dollar projects running under international companies like Global Omani Development & Investment Co, Glorei, Mini Monsters, Madisons Capital Partners, Horizon Islands Ltd, etc.

The major areas of business where Mr. Asif Habib shows his expertise and invests significantly are hospitality, commercial, industrial, residential, mix use, retail, etc. Serving as a significant shareholder and board member for Horizon Islands Ltd. for a span of 5 years, Asif Habib left the business after successful contribution and achievement.

A part of Mini Monsters, a real estate project developed to bring play area, café and party rooms all under the one roof, Asif Habib has made significant contribution along with his team to make this venture a complete success, which has been mainly developed for the entertainment of children.

Asif Habib also developed the Madisons Capital Partners in an endeavor to manage the Al Ghazal Golf Club, the oldest golf club of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Under his leadership, the commercial growth of the business of Madison regained and its revenue grew by about ninety percent, revamping it into a lucrative venture.

Asif Habib also contributed significantly towards the setting up of international restaurants like Madang and Mulligans, made in accordance with the international standards which have received exceptional accolades and gained popularity ranking top positions on Zomato.

Asif Habib also serves as a board member and important advisor to Dr. Andree Roberge in the path of commercialization of the “Blood Sample Analysis Technology.” This unique technology would be of immense benefit to mankind which would be capable of diagnosing 1200 pathologies at Nano technology level. Currently, there are ongoing discussions about setting up of the headquarters and to set up its branches in different locations of India, North Africa, Europe, Iran, and Middle East. In all these major developments ad decisions, Asif Habib has been a significant initiator and contributor.

Asif Habib is also a prime shareholder of SPV holding and owner of a prime area of 20,000 land situated in RAK, UAE. He is also a CEO and a major shareholder of his ongoing project “Ireland in the Sun” which is aimed to develop world-class resort hotels in the heart of Dubai. This project is currently awaiting permission from the government of UAE. With betterment of conditions and progress, this project is expected to bring positive results for the company.